Monday, December 10, 2012

Better late than never!

So its been a while since I have updated my blog, yes I know it's been a very long while.  With a none stop busy schedule and my internet not wanting to work its been really hard but now that it's my day off and internet working fine I thought it would be a perfect day to update! So the month of November was a very busy month packed full of leaving Lacken, getting into the new routine of living in Shannon with my room mate Darcy. After settling into our new life here in Shannon we got to spend our Thanksgiving with our church family, It was honestly hard to spend Thanksgiving away from my family and it was my very first holiday away from my family but God blessed Darcy and I with an amazing Irish/Dutch/Brazilian  family that we could make new memories with:)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

OM Ireland 10 Year Anniversary .

So Its been almost 3 months now since I have been living here in Ireland, its so hard to believe time has gone by this fast! where did it go!? this week will be my first full week here In Shannon. We spent  four days in Shannon before we had to pack up for a weekend back at Lacken to help with the 10 year anniversary.  It was great seeing the rest of  Immersion and hearing how God has already done a work in their church placements and it was also great seeing every one back at Lacken.  The second Darcy and I stepped off the train it was time to work! Thankfully this train ride was not like the last one we made it in one piece and no one had to call the Guards to find two small American girls lost in a train station some where in Ireland.  So back to the working part, we went straight to work because there was a lot to get done for the 10 year and every single hand was needed in order to get all of it done on time before guest started to arrive. One of the most anticipated guest was of course George Verwer! The founder of OM , It was a honor to have him here in Ireland with us and to meet him (even if it was for 10seconds it still counts) After serving and giving tours and watching kids of about 200 guest all together it was so well worth the hard work to celebrate and be apart of  the 10 years and still going with OM Ireland, OM is one very large family that I am proud to say I am apart of.  I can not wait to see where God is going to take OM Ireland to this coming up year and the next many years! Thank you for all of your prayers and support and praise Jesus for all of the blessing that He has given OM Ireland!  God Bless!   -Amie 

Monday, November 12, 2012

OM Ireland celebrates 10 years!

I will be posting soon about the 10year anniversary! Here is a quick snap shot of the tent. Be looking out for my update!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Trains are easy right?

So Darcy and I finally made it to Shannon! (Barely) After missing two trains, carying luggage that's big as you all over train stations, Being stuck in the rain in the cold Irish night and having help from several strangers who seemed to be angles, we made it to Shannon! It felt so great to be reunited with my Shannon family and I have to say it was tough getting there but it was one of the craziest adventures I have ever been on and it was just one of many memories me and Darcy will make this year.  Its been a crazy 2months and its really to hard to believe its going on 3months now! I am so excited to see what God is going to do in Shannon this year and coming up year, its amazing to see what God has already done since we have been here. Tuesday we helped out at a kids community center in a rougher end in a town called Limerick and it was so incredible  to see how these young kids every single week faithfully came to kids club every time they have it. They all come from hard backgrounds but that doesn't stop them from memorizing every Bible verse knowing every song and doing their lessons, I feel so privileged to be working with these amazing kids and being apart of this whole Ireland experience.  God is doing great things even if it seems to be the darkest of times God's light shines even brighter. Today me and Darcy are again on another train going back to Athlone for the 10 year anniversary! we are so excited to meet and see people today, please keep the weather in your prayers! we hope for some sunny days for the 10yr celebration of Om Ireland!  I will keep you posted soon! God bless! -Amie

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A little something:) (Updates are coming I promise!!)

Here are a few pictures from our trip in Sep. to Killkenny! we spent a few days there for some team bonding before our training  hard to believe in a few days we start our new journey with our church placements this Friday  I will be updating some time today or tomorrow with everything from last month to today and everything in between! Its been a great journey and I am looking forward to the next 9months! 

Killkenny Castle:)

 A little Irish summer time!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Friday is moving day!

My Roomie and I are going to Shannon this Friday!:)  We are so excited to be starting our new Adventure in Shannon and I couldn't feel more blessed to be going back to the people I love in Shannon! Looking forward to the next 9months.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Arriving at my New Home♥♥♥

  I finally made it to my new home, and sorry it took so long to post. We have been very busy and also with our studies. Plus when we arrived we only had 3 days and then off to Holland....

What a beautiful view we had!!!!!
We Finally got to our destination..
Lacken House
This is My little Cabin
And these are the fun stair that I climb up every time !!!
There's  three of us who live here... and they are so sweet, one is from Fla, and the other is from Alabama....
Until next time

  Well it has been a long, long past few weeks for me and the OM team! Where to begin? Well it first started in Woodstock, GA. Where I got to meet my wonderful team, I am so blessed to have! We spent one day in Woodstock trying to understand the ins and outs of what this upcoming year will look like. After that first day, we went on a group camping trip with another team, who is going to El Salvador. At first I am going to be honest and say none of us wanted to do it, (camping) we were just really ready to get on our plane to Ireland! But God had changed our hearts to what was in His will, and that was to bond as a team and grows in Him. It took getting us in the middle of the woods to do that, but we are glad we did! It is funny how we still try to tell God how to do His perfect will for our lives He created! After the camping trip we went to our host homes to have a good night’s sleep before we had to head out early in the morning to catch our plane. That next morning we were all ready to get our day of traveling over with! After a very long day of traveling we finally arrived in Ireland! I have never felt so happy in my life to just get off of a plane and be able to walk around! But we soon realized we had only 3 days to rest and prepare ourselves, yet again, to travel more to the beautiful country of Holland!

Camping was fun and the best part of it, was meeting new friends......

Until Next time...