Saturday, February 16, 2013

What we do on Tuesdays part2. Pancake Tuesday!

So Tuesday was a extra special day at kids club it was also pancake Tuesday! Yes pancake day is a real holiday, you can only imagine how excited I was since pancakes is one of my very favorite foods. I mean really who doesn't like pancakes!? It was a extra fun day at Kids club since every one was looking forward to a day full of pancakes and crepes. I took a few pictures for you guys to see of are day, On a side note I want to mention since this is the internet I am not allowed to show pictures of the kids on any of my media sites including my blog. But I did think It would be nice to at least to show you guys what the building looks like and some of the stuff we did that day. In the pictures above you can see Bernie and Michaela having worship and studying Bible verses with the kids and the Valentine's craft we did. One little girl in club wrote the Bible verse she memorized in her Valentine card she made for her parents. I love hearing the kids tell me that they like telling others about Jesus!

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