Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rain or shine smile bright in your puffy rain jacket:)

Hey every one! I know its been two weeks since I have updated my blog! It has been a crazy two weeks so it is about time I would say that I need to do a very big blog post to catch you guys up on my two weeks. So Today Darcy and I did are normal church clean up like every Wen. But today our Pastor asked us to go put John 3:16 tracks in the door post and so Darcy started to head off to the houses we were planing to do and it starts to rain even harder than it already was! Feeling a bit Annoyed, cold, and wet we remembered what Pastor Aiden and Karen told us earlier at breakfast  They told us we had made a name for ourselves here in Shannon already, "we were like we did?" We haven't been here that long for people to really know us. But God works greater than we realize sometimes, They told us people started to notice us talking to people and putting tracks in doors so now we are known as the "American preacher girls" Some people would maybe upset by that but I just felt joy! Darcy and I have been here in Ireland for almost six months now and sometimes we can feel like "are we really doing anything?" sometimes you can feel like your not really impacting anyone and its hard here to talk to people and we never really ever see any one respond in a positive way but It just comes to show God is greater. It made me remember its not abut us or what we can do but It is bringing God the glory and in the biggest or simplest way He uses us even when we don't notice. Today in the mist of all the rain God brought a smile to our faces he knew we needed:) Remember even when you feel down don't give up!  

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