Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Soup soothes the soul.

Today was a very long day! have you felt over whelmed with a list of things to do and you feel like you will never get it done, Yea it happens but during Church I felt myself just stuck in my thoughts going over my list of things to do and I realized I wasn't even paying attention! I just was so caught up in I have to do this today and this today and do this for tomorrow and study this for kids club Friday and blah blah blah........ You know that saying "just stop and smell the roses" Well I was never one to take that to heart, I would always say stop and smell the roses!? I don't have time I didn't even know we had rose's! Well after having a good chat with some amazing friends  and my very helpful Mom yesterday and feeling to busy in my head to realize what was going around me, It hit me, What am I doing? Am I really to busy to listen to a message that I really needed to hear. The message was on Romans 10 and about Paul and thinking about Paul I bet anything he felt the same way the rest of us feel some times. But what price are we going to pay just because we are to consumed in are busy schedules. I will admit I still have a lot to get done with in the next few days but when did I become to busy to trust in Jesus to help me get it done? It isn't even about us anyways we do things for HIS glory so why do we make it about ourselves? Some times it just takes on single moment in church and a hot bowl of soup to help you relax and enjoy the time we have with our Lord and Savoir. So I just thought this little blog post could help remember you guys why we do what we do and to never become to busy to just spend time with Jesus and smell the roses He created! I hope every one has a great rest of the week! Monthly news letters  are coming this week and a video! and yes I said letters! I do believe I owe you guys Dec and Jan letters! 
                                                                                                                            God bless! -Amie

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