Saturday, January 12, 2013

its a new day its a new year! part2.

Okay this post will just be the second half of my "Its a new day its a new year!" post so I will try not to get to carried away with my blabbering ahaha, and I was going to type in my normal black coloring but since the original post is in a nice Christmas spirit red I thought it would only be right to finish off my Christmas blogging in red. Carrying on with the recap of 2012 I left off at right when we left for Ireland and most of you guys already know what my 6 months here has already been like because of my FB posting or my monthly news letter and of course my blog so I am going to do just a over all general little post about the 6 months since I been here. Which for one thing I can NOT believe I have been here this long! Like I can not get it through my head that I have been living in Ireland for half of a year! I still feel like I have only been here for 3 months but not 6! okay well technically it will 6 months since I left home the 14th which is in 2 days so close enough but really I got here in Ireland the 17th so yea you get the point, it's almost been 6 months! wow its just really to hard to believe. When we first arrived in Ireland we only stayed 3 days here and that gave us enough time to pack and get ready to leave for Holland after we spent 2weeks in Holland we came back and got settled in and started 2 months of training, training was hard but I am so grateful for it because with out it I wouldn't have no clue what to do in most situations I have already faced or haven't yet. With in those 2months of training we got to have hands on experience at the plowing championships, horse fair and the many times we helped out with the Big red bus ministry in the streets. So now Darcy and I have been in Shannon since the beginning of Nov. and we have been settled in nicely for a while now and have been loving kids clubs and youth work and we both feel so blessed to be here in Shannon and we are so excited to see what God does here in the new year. Okay one more thing and I am done rambling on, I will be making my very first vlog video today and it will be uploading by Monday but my goal is Sunday night! I hope every one has a great weekend!                                              

                                                                                                                  God bless! -Amie

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